Can I cancel my student health insurance?

You can only cancel your OSHC and get a refund in certain circumstances. 

Instances where you are allowed to cancel your OSHC:

1. You did not take up studies in Australia

2. You have paid the premium on the basis of an extended stay but the extension of authorised stay was not granted by Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection; 

3. You are obliged to cease studies and leave Australia before the end of a period of approved stay for reasons beyond your control; 

4. You have been granted permanent residence in Australia, or another Australian visa (other than a Student Visa); 

5. You can prove to the insurer that you were not resident in Australia for a continuous period of 3 months or more; 

6. You can provide proof of OSHC provided by another insurer which includes the period covered by your insurer.

7. You made a mistake by inputting your name incorrectly;

8. Your student visa has been refused;

You should speak directly to your insurer if you need to cancel your insurance for reasons outside of the above.

In case you have purchased an OSHC policy with Cohort Go and your visa has been refused, you are eligible for a full refund of the premium you have paid. 

You can cancel, extend and view your OSHC policy in My Cohort Go, your Cohort Go account. 

Simply head to, find the policy you purchased on your dashboard and follow the prompts. You will need to provide a visa refusal letter, cancelled COE or visa withdrawal letter to process the cancellation. 

Otherwise please send an email to, along with your visa refusal letter, cancelled COE, or a visa withdrawal letter so we can process your cancellation for you with the insurance company.