How do I track my payments?


You can track your payment every step of the way from your very own Cohort Go account. To track your payment, head to ‘ My Cohort Go’.

On your dashboard you will see the following stages:

1. Awaiting funds 

This means we are yet to receive your payment funds either because you have already paid and we are waiting to receive the funds into our bank account, or because you haven’t initiated the payment. You will find instructions here to download your payment instructions and upload your proof of payment if you haven’t already done so, or renew the payment with new FX rates. 

2. Payment processing

At this stage, Cohort Go has received your payment and it is in the process of being sent to your provider.

3. Payment expired

If your payment says it has expired, this means you didn’t pay before the FX rate expired. You have the option to renew your payment here at a new FX rate.

4. Payment completed

Once your payment is green it means it has been received by your provider.


Providers can track their payments also through their dashboard.

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. On the top navigation panel select Finance
  3. Select Inbound Payments
  4. You will see a list of your Inbound Payments