What is the Overseas Students Ombudsman?

The Overseas Students Ombudsman investigates complaints about problems that overseas students have with private education and training in Australia.  If you have problems with your private education institution, you can contact the relevant Overseas Student Ombudsman for free advice. They are set up to handle these complaints, and are independent from the education providers themselves.  Contact details for the Overseas Student Ombudsman can be found on their website: www.oso.gov.au. You can even make a complaint in your home language.  If you are studying at a publicly-funded provider such as a university or TAFE you should contact the relevant State Ombudsman, details below:

ACT Ombudsman www.ombudsman.act.gov.au NSW Ombudsman www.ombo.nsw.gov.au Northern Territory Ombudsman www.omb-hcscc.nt.gov.au Queensland Ombudsman www.ombudsman.qld.gov.au South Australian Ombudsman www.ombudsman.sa.gov.au Tasmanian Ombudsman www.ombudsman.tas.gov.au Victorian Ombudsman www.ombudsman.vic.gov.au Western Australian Ombudsman www.ombudsman.wa.gov.au

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